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Government-verified info and authentication in seconds

sgID makes it easy to bring Singpass logins and Myinfo data into your apps

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A National Digital Identity initiative powering trusted experiences across the nation

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Quick and easy integration

Create an application in ourdeveloper portalin minutes. You can then use the generated credentials to integrate sgID using ourSDKs or via API.

Government-verified info

With users’ permissions, personal information isretrieved from Myinfo and authenticated with Singpass, so data received is authentic and up to date.

Private by design

sgID data isend-to-end encryptedso your exchanges with your users remain private. Ourderived data fieldsalso help you get what you need without touching underlying data.

Familiar to Singaporeans

Your users will give consent and verify themselves using theSingpass mobile app, which has over 4 million users.

Available for free

sgID is available free of charge, with no integration or usage costs.

How it works


Create a client via our developer portal and integrate sgID into your app.


Your end-users can login and give consent for data requests via the Singpass mobile app.


Behind the scenes, your application receives information via the sgID protocol, a privacy-preserving approach to government identity and info sharing.

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Derived fields for safer data flows

Increase conversions and reduce data security risks by requesting only the data you really need.

Masked NRIC

Get the last 4 characters of NRICs for physical verification use cases

Is Above 18

A useful boolean that allows age gating without disclosure of age data

Use these pre-computed fields to get started, or request new ones to meet your requirements.


Our team is full of developers who understand the experiences that seamless identity and info sharing can unlock for Singapore and Singaporeans. We're dedicated to building the best and simplest solution for developers. Meet the team. Interested? Give it a try.

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